Start up city for degens.
10,000 equal plots pooling 1 ETH each to buy physical land somewhere in the world.

Buy a Plot (Launching soon!)

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Where is the land?

We will vote on where to buy the land on November 1, 2021. All proposals due by November 1 and open voting on all proposals will occur on that day. One plot, one vote and the proposal with the most votes will be selected.

Once the land is selected and purchased, each degendian will have their plot to do with as they please. The coordinates of your plot are randomly generated on a 100 x 100 grid when your plot is minted. These coordinates will get converted onto the actual land that is purchased.

What happens next?

Anarchy. This is a crazy experiment, but hopefully the community figures out a way to govern itself and make the land into something useful.

How many plots can I buy?

You can buy as many plots as you want. They will all have randomly generated coordinates on the grid. If you want them to be together, you can find the owners next to yours and try to trade with them or buy from them.

What happens if the plots don’t sell out?

If at least half of the plots sell by Nov 1, we will purchase land with a smaller amount of ETH. If less than half of the plots sell, all ETH will be redistributed to plot owners less any gas fees.

Who is behind Degendia?

Degendia is a project created by Greg Caplan, Jake Hergott, Jorge Selva and Ezra Galston. The creators have no monetary benefit of any kind from the project, but will be minting plots with the same terms as the rest of the community.

How can I setup my ETH wallet?

Go to MetaMask FAQs.

Where is the metadata stored?

The NFTs are stored using IPFS using Pinata.

Where can I see my plots?

On OpenSea, MetaMask mobile, or any other website that displays NFTs on ethereum.

Contract address?